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LS Series 2D Laser Measurement Sensor - NEW!

LS Series Profile Measurement SensorsLS Series Profile Measurement Sensors

The new LS Series of profile measurement sensors uses revolutionary new processes to give you high speed, two dimensional measurements that simply weren't possible before.

The laser line beam provides high speed, high precision measurement of height and width and handles high-precision two-dimensional measurement applications that are not possible with spot beam laser measurement lasers.

This newly designed proprietary system delivers high-speed measurements in a compact size at a very cost effective price. 
Watch The Intro Video:
2D laser measurement sensor from Fastus / Optex FA
2D laser measurement sensor from Fastus / Optex FA


Easy Setup

The LS series can be configured in four easy steps: imaging, profile, area measurement and calculation, and result judgment and output.

ls display
01 LS Setup Step 1Imaging
The optimum shutter speed is set automatically, just like a regular camera.
02 LS Series Setup Step 2Profile
A cross-sectional waveform (profile) is created from the image. Correction is also possible.
03 LS Series Easy Setup Step 3Area Measurement
Up to four areas can be set. Measurement functions can be selected for each area.
LS Series Easy SetupArea Calculation
Calculation settings can be configured as necessary. The operators that can be used are + and -.
04 LS Series Easy Setup Step 4Result Judgment & Output
There are a total of four outputs: three control outputs and one analog output.

Diverse Range of Measurement Functions:

Height Position
Allows measurement of average, peak, and bottom heights. The sensor outputs the average, maximum, and minimum values for the profile within the area.

Height Measurement
Allows measurement of peak, bottom, and edge positions.

Position Measurement
Width Edge Count
Allows measurement of width of gaps and differences in level. The sensor detects the width of the profile at the center line of the area in the height direction.

Width Measurement
Counts the number of times the profile crosses the center line of the area in the height direction.
This function can be used for applications such as counting the number of pins.

Edge Count


Easily Configurable PC Software Included

LS Navigator Included:

The LS series comes with software that allows you to easily configure settings from a PC.
  • Easy configuration of mask and measurement area settings
  • All settings can be configured via RS-485 communication
  • Profiles can also be output with high precision
  • No need for expensive purpose-built displays
software1 lg
* Requires separate PC connection cable (available separately).
* Software appearance and layout is subject to change.


Some Possible Applications:

Measurement of brake pad component height

Measurement of Brake Pad
Component Height

Measures the position (height) of the end of the pad wear indicator (PWI), a metal part that indicates brake wear, relative to the brake surface.

Detection of Double Feeding Boards

Detection of Double
Feeding of Boards

Compared to previous systems in which a displacement sensor was installed above and below the boards to measure thickness, a single LS series unit can measure from the side, providing easy installation and line design.

Inspection of application position/amount of sealant

Inspection of Application
Position/Amount of Sealant

By measuring sealant width and height directly
after application, feedback regarding the
appropriate amount and position can be
provided immediately.
Inspection of gap/level difference between vehicle doors

Inspection of Gap/Level Difference
Between Automobile Doors

Provides quick, non-contact measurement of gap and level differences between door and chassis to check precision of automobile door installation.


2D laser measurement sensor from Fastus / Optex FA
2D laser measurement sensor from Fastus / Optex FA


Measurement Range 100+/-25mm
Width of view (at measuring distance) 17mm (at 75mm) - 27mm (at 125mm)
Light Source Red laser, 655nm, Max 1mW
Laser class IEC/JIS: Class 2, FDA: CLASS II
Spot size (*1) 0.3 x 32mm
Linearity (Z axis) +/-50 micron meter (±0.1%F.S.)
Repeatability (Z axis) (*2) 2 micron meter
Resolution (X axis) (*3) 25 micron meter
Sampling period Typical value: 5msec. (when measuring the whole view in "Hi-res" mode), Max. speed: 0.5msec.
Display Dot matrix display
Indicators Power indicator (green), Laser emission indicator (green)
External input Selectable from bank, trigger, hold, reset, laser emission stop and offset
Control output 3 NPN open collector outputs, Max. 100mA/30VDC (Max. residual voltage: 1.8V)
Analog output 4 to 20mA, out of measurement range: 24mA (Max. load impedance: 300 Ohm)
Communication I/F RS-485 half duplex (9.6 kbps to 4.0 Mbps)
Temperature drift (typical value) +/-0.05%F.S. per degree C
Power Supply DC12 ~ 24VDC (+10%, -5%, including ripple)
Current consumption (*4) Max. 180mA
Protection category IP67
Operating temperature / humidity -10 to 40 / 35 to 85% RH (no condensation or freezing)
Storage Temperature / Humidity -20 to 60 / 35 to 85% RH (no condensation or freezing)
Operating illuminance Sunlight: Max. 10000 lux, High-frequency lamp: Max. 3,000 lux (incandescent lamp)
Vibration Resistance 10 to 55 Hz; double amplitude 1.5mm; 2 hours in each of the X, Y and Z directions
Shock Resistance Approximately 50G (500 m/s2), 3 times in each of the X, Y and Z directions
Material Housing: die-cast zinc and PC, laser emitter and receiver covers: glass
Weight Approximately 300g


PNP output model is LS-100CP
*1 Defined with center strength 1/e2 (13.5%) at the center of measurement range. The sensor may be affected when leak light other than the specified spot size is present and when there is a highly reflective object close to the detection area.
*2 Average height measurement of a white workpiece with a center width of 5 mm, smoothing performed 8 times, moving average performed 32 times (with the default settings).
*3 With a measurement distance of 75mm.
*4 Power supply voltage: 24VDC not including the control output load current and including the analog output.

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