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OPF Series High Resolution Contour Detection - NEW!

High Precision Edge Extraction & Foreign Object Detection with Transparent or Metal Objects

With both convergent and diffuse-type models available, the OPF series lets you select the directivity angle to suit your target. The convergent type, which employs the industry's first prism sheet, enables clear edge extraction of transparent workpieces and ghosting-prone metal workpieces, that are usually difficult to process using conventional models.

The OPF series features increased brightness (compared to conventional models) with the convergent type being 4x brighter and the diffuse type is 2.5x brighter.

Up to 4x Brighter

The convergent type employs a prism sheet to concentrate ambient light forwards, achieving 4 times the brightness of conventional models. This design allows a narrow directivity angle even without the use of LC film making it possible to avoid the reduction in brightness caused by LC film. The diffuse type achieves 2.5 times the brightness of conventional models.

4 Times Brighter
  Corrects Reduced Brightness in Peripheral Areas

The optimized LED array increases uniformity and improves the reduction of brightness in peripheral areas. This provides a larger inspection area than conventional models even when comparing units with a light-emitting area of the same size.

Even Brightness

Sensor Controlled Lighting Automatically Manages Brightness

The OPF series employs Optex FA's unique FALUX sensing technology. The integrated photodiode monitors brightness and provides feedback on long-term deterioration in brightness to keep maximum brightness level constant even after 50,000 hours of operation. This feature reduces maintenance costs during operation.

The OPF series features an LED for brightness measurement and a photodiode built into the housing frame, allowing accurate measurement of brightness unaffected by ambient light noise. The control circuit is mounted on the inner wall of the frame, enabling the unit's compact size..

Sensing LED Lighting

FALUX Correction Circuit for Brightness Fluctuation

Employs Optex FA's unique FALUX technology, which corrects reduction in brightness due to increases in temperature. By measuring the internal temperature of the light unit, the correction function works on individual light units.

Falux Sensing Technology

Convergent Type for Edge Extraction

The diffuser plate employs a unique prism sheet that enables a narrow directivity angle (half-value angle ±17°) equivalent to that provided when using a conventional model in conjunction with LC (light control) film. Projecting light with a narrow directivity angle from the back of the target prevents unwanted reflected light and forms a clear silhouette that is unaffected by the surface of the workpiece.

Application Example: Measurement of Glossy Metal Part

OPF Series Transparent Film Comparison

Diffuse Type for Transmitting Light Through Objects That Scatter Light

Detecting blobs in translucent plastic parts

When detecting foreign objects in workpieces that scatter light such as non-woven fabric and cloudy resins, the diffuse type, a high-end model compatible with conventional OPSM backlights, is effective.

The light provides 2.5 times the brightness of conventional models and a high degree of uniformity, making it easy to transmit light through workpieces that scatter light and ensuring that shadows of foreign objects stand out.

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