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Convergent Fiber for Glass Detection

NOt affected by change in angle

Clearly Visible Beam Spot

Clearly visible red spot when using D3RF series amplifier

Fiber Specs - Convergent
Sensing Mode Convergent
Type of Sensing High accuracy presence of glass/quartz targets
Beam Sensing Direction Front-On
Mounting Size 18 x 12 x 4 mm
Beam Diameter / Array (mm) Ø 1.5 mm at 6 mm
Min. Detectable Object (D3RF) Ø 0.015 mm
Temperature -40 to 60° C
D3RF Max Sensing Distance 0 to 12 mm
Fiber Cable Bend Radius R10
Fiber OD (mm) 1.0 mm
Fiber Cable Length 2 meters
Cuttable / Non-Cuttable Non-Cuttable Fiber-Fixed Tips

Optex NF-DC38 Limited Diffuse Rectangular Flat-on 0-12mm For Glass

  • Manufacturer: Optex FA
  • Part #: NF-DC38
  • Availability: 1
  • $100.00