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  • Optex BGS-HDL05T Dual Output Laser Digital 20 - 50mm cable NPN/PNP

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High Resolution Background Suppression Laser Sensor

  • Minimum detectable height difference = 0.08 mm (50mm Type)
  • Built-in controller 4 digit display Stable detection regardless of object color
  • 2 distances 20 to 50mm and 50 to 250mm available Selectable NPN/PNP Output

By combining 3 separate processes Digital Sub Pixel Processing, High Resolution Electronic Shutter, and Automatic Sampling mode the BGS-HL Series from Optex is able to achieve Precise height differential detection regardless of color and material. 

Dual Output Version Can Replace 2 Sensors With 1

The BGS-HDL Type is equipped with 2 control outputs. The BGS-HDL can be set up for upper and lower limit output or 2-step output, applications that call for 2 sensors can now be covered with just a single sensor


Two Selectable Distance Display Options

The digital display can be set to either background mode or target mode. Select the the display mode for the aplication required.


Digital Subpixel Processing

Subpixel processing divides one pixel into sub pixels and enables accurate detection of peak.

Condition : Hysteresis setting : 0.02 (BGS-HDL05**), 0.2 (BGS-HDL25**) Other condition to be referred notes on the specifications sheet

Selectable between remote 2nd Output and Remote Teach

The BGS-HDL Type can be set-up for either 2 outputs or remote teach and external input can be used for laser off, laser on, sample and hold etc.


Application Example: Blister Pack Layer Detection

In this application example the sensor is set up see the difference between 1,2, and 3 layers of blister packs


Application Example: Bowl Feeder part detection

In this application example the sensor is set up see if the feeder is full and if the feeder is running out of parts.


BGS-HL Series Specs
Sensing Mode High Precision Background Suppression
Minimum Detectable Height Difference Able to detect height difference of 8µm, Reflective surfaces as well as shiny targets
Operation Voltage 12 to 24VDC
Current Consumption 40mA
Light Source Red Laser Diode 655nm
Light Source Output Max 390µW
FDA Laser Class Class I
Sensing Distance 20 to 50mm
Spot Size Ø0.8mm at 35mm
Repeatability 0.01mm
Hysteresis 0 to 22.49mm adjustable
Sensitivity Adjustment Teaching - Manual/Remote Input
Display 7 segment 4 digit LED
External Input Laser Off, 2 ea.Teaching, Sample or Hold, One Shot
Response Time 1.5 ~ 7.5ms
Control Output 2 Each Programmable NPN/PNP
Timing Option On-delay, Off-delay, and One shot
Housing Aluminum
Operation Temperature -10 to +50° C
Protection IP 67
Connection 2m cable
Includes BEF-0D1-B Mounting Bracket
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