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  • Optex CD22-35-485C Laser Measurement 20 to 50mm Range RS-485 M8 4pin

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High Performance Cost Effective Self Contained Displacement Sensor in Compact Housing

Compact Size perfect for online real time inspection during manufacturing.

Excellent Linearity with a Variety of Materials

Linearity around +/-0.1% full scale or better even with stainless steel or black rubber.

Automatic Sampling Function

In addition to standard feedback, received light to laser power, the CD22 hsa automatic sampling function which enables stable measurement of metal surfaces and also black material by adjusting the sampling speed automatically.

Intuitive and Easy to Read Display

Bright 4 digit display in small housing, Intuitive set-up with 4 buttons, high end functions that are easily adjusted

Clamp and Hold Function

The clamp and hold function allows the sensor to ignore small holes in parts or targets with very rough surfaces. If the sensor detects a hold in a part instead of going to out of range the sensor will hold the last known good value for the amount of time set by the user.

Digital Sub-pixel Processing

Digital sub-pixel processing improves linearity by more than twice that of conventional laser measurement sensors. The CD22 sub-pixel processing divides one pixel in to 65536 sub-pixels to help produce a genuine wave form.

CD22 Series Specs
Sensor Type Self-Contained Displacement Laser Measurement Sensor
Sensing Mode Diffuse Reflective Type
Supply Voltage 12-24 VDC ±10%
Operation Temperature -10 to +50° C
Measurement Range 35mm ±15mm
Sensing Window 20 to 50 mm
Repeatability 6µm
Light Source Red Laser Diode
Wave Length 655nm
Maximum Output 390 µW
Laser Class IEC/JIS Class 1
Laser Class FDA Class II
Laser Spot Size 600 x 700 µm
Linearity 0.1% F.S.
Temp Drift ±0.02% /°C of F.S.
Digital Control Output None
Analog Output None
Serial Communication RS-485
Protection/Enclosure Type Black Anodized Aluminum
Connection M8 4 Pin QD

Optex CD22-35-485C Laser Measurement 20 to 50mm Range RS-485 M8 4pin

  • Part #: CD22-35-485C
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  • $660.00