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  • Optex CD33-L30NV Specular 26.3mm ±2mm, 2ch NPN / 0-10VDC, Cable

Voltage Output Version

High accuracy 0 to 10 volt output version for measurement applications where linear output proportional to sensing distance is required. Also includes 2 digital outputs that can be used for comparator applications or use one for out of range alarm etc.

Compact Size Ideal for Mounting on End Effectors

Ideal for mounting on robotic cylinder thanks to compact dimensions and light weight. IP67 water tightness is also secured.

High Resolution Electronic Shutter

High resolution electronic shtter controls to keep a constant level according to reflection. This function enables stable peak level detection even when unstable surface conditions exist.

Digital Subpixel Processing

Subpixel processing divides one pixel into small pieces that enables accurate measurement by reproducing genuine value of incoming lighte

Multifunction Input

The programmable remote MF intput can be set to one of the following laser off, external teach, hold, or one-shot trigger.

CD33-L Series Specs
Sensing Mode Specular Reflection Type
Supply Voltage 12-24VDC (-5% / +10%) 18-24VDC (-5% / +10%) when using 0-10 VDC Analog)
Operation Temperature -10 to +45° C
Measurement Range 26.3mm ±2mm
Sensing Window 24.3 to 28.3mm
Repeatability 1µm
Light Source Red Laser Diode
Wave Length 655nm
Maximum Output 390 µW
Laser Class IEC / JIS Class 1
Laser Class FDA Class II
Laser Spot Size (Diffuse Reflective) 0.1 x 0.1mm at 30mm
Linearity ±0.2% F.S.
Temp Drift ±0.08% /°C of F.S.
Digital Control Output 2 ea NPN output
Analog Output 0-10 VDC
Serial Communication None
Protection / Enclosure Type IP67/PBT
Connection 2m Cable

Optex CD33-L30NV Specular 26.3mm ±2mm, 2ch NPN / 0-10VDC, Cable

  • Manufacturer: Optex FA
  • Part #: CD33-L30NV
  • Availability: Order Now, Call for Lead Time
  • $855.00