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  • Optex DSD-100 Diffuse Laser Head 1 Meter Range

Diffuse Laser with Coaxial Beam

The DSD-100 laser head has up to a 1 meter sensing distance. The coaxial optics and small beal spot make it a really good choice for thread detection from longer distances thatn typcial fiber optic solutions.

D2SA Series Specs
Sensing Mode Diffuse Reflective
Features Coaxial Beam
Supply Voltage Order D2SA amplifier separately
Operation Temperature -10 to +55° C
Sensing Distance 1 meter
Repeatability / Response Time 0.2mm
Light Source Red Laser Diode
Wave Length 650nm
Maximum Output 3 mW
Laser Class IEC / JIS Class 2
Laser Class FDA Class II
Laser Spot Size (Diffuse Reflective) Ø1mm at 1 meter
Digital Control Output Requires D2SA amplifier
Analog Output Requires D2SA amplifier
Protection / Enclosure Type IP67/PC (case, cover) Glass (lens)
Connection 2 meter with attached amplifier connector

Optex DSD-100 Diffuse Laser Head 1 Meter Range

  • Manufacturer: Optex FA
  • Part #: DSD-100
  • Availability: 2
  • $250.00