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  • Optex ZR-QX200P Polarized Retro for Clear Detection Coaxial Beam 2M PNP 2M cable

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Coaxial LED

Coaxial LED light source provides extremely tight alignment to the target. Alignment of the sensor is very easy because of the bright projected LED spot.

Detect Product anywhere within the beam

Conventional sensors can have a minimum standoff distance from the sensor to the reflector. Others have issues reliably detecting transparent objects closer to the sensor. The ZR-QX is designed with no dead zone area and can reliably detect product anywhere within the beam. This is great for use on conveyors where the position of the target changes.

Cross Talk Prevention Built In

With built in cross talk preventio, it is possible to mount two sensors side-by-side without mutual intereference

Z, Z2, Z3 Series Specs
Sensing Mode / Type Polarized Retro-Reflective for Transparent Object Detection
Special Features Coaxial Beam
Sensing Distance 0 to 2 meter
Resolution / Min Detectable Object 0.5mm or less
Light Source Red LED
Supply Voltage 10 to 30 VDC
Current Consumption 20mA
Response Time .5ms
Sensitivity Adjustment 1-turn potentiometer
Output PNP
Output Operation Mode LO/DO Switch Selectable
Material ABS (case) PMMA (lens)
Protection IP67
Shock Rating 100G
Temperature -25 to 55° C
Connection 2 meter cable
Includes Reflector (P250F) and mounting bracket/screws

Optex ZR-QX200P Polarized Retro for Clear Detection Coaxial Beam 2M PNP 2M cable

  • Manufacturer: Optex FA
  • Part #: ZR-QX200P
  • Availability: 35
  • $104.00